Trimesters vs. Semesters: Which is Best for CHS?


Maddie Rosentreter, Bleu Print Staff

The end of this first trimester in the 2017-2018 school year is already approaching fast, and to some it feels like we have barely started classes. Because of this feeling, teachers have been talking about changing from trimesters to semesters, with one opinion coming directly from a teacher here at CHS: this teacher explains that it would help with the  “continuity of classes.” Bleu Print interviewed our students at Chelsea High School to see how they would feel about such a change.

Freshman Riley Scritchfield switched from a school that had quarters to CHS, and says the switch caused the year to start “to feel longer” due to the longer amount of time spent in classes, which would be a sentiment shared by many if Chelsea were to switch to semesters. Scritchfield thinks that it wouldn’t be a necessary switch because in our high school, we only take our “core classes” for two trimesters anyway — nothing new would really be added to the students’ education if we did start using semesters. Instead, it would only take away time for electives. She personally believes that trimesters are the “better solution” considering how long the classes are during the day, giving students “plenty of time to absorb and understand the information that is taught.”

Kira Frahm, a junior here at CHS, broke down her schedule to demonstrate how it could damage elective opportunities. Band takes up one fifth of her year, and another eight of her fifteen classes are core and required classes, leaving only four electives. “Students enjoy these electives, and some take them to gain experience for a career,” said Frahm. Less time slots for electives would mean less time slots for things that can further a student’s learning of an individual, career-based topic, as well as let the student have an opportunity to learn something new in a more relaxed environment.

While some teachers think that semesters would better our school district, it seems clear that certain members of the student body feel differently. Switching to semesters would make the year drag on, and take away a lot of important time preparing for a student’s future outside of school. Shouldn’t we ensure the students here at Chelsea High School can keep their studies focused and their time managed in the way that is best for them?