Prepare yourself, because all of your energies are aligning this week. A goal that you’ve been meaning to set or reach should become a priority this week. Take advantage of the luck in the air! Ask for help though, if you need it. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily.


People of this sign are known to be steadfast, but in the near future you’ll find yourself plowing ahead and rushing into something, which is most likely of romantic interest. Simmer down! Don’t scare them off, take it slow. If you don’t have a romantic interest in mind, just remember to not jump the gun and really think in the coming days.


You and Taurus have something in common at this point in time: you both are all over the place! Take a breather and think before you try to talk to that special someone. Slow and steady wins the race. However, this new energy is contagious and the people around you will enjoy this shift in aura.


You are the prince/princess of procrastination at the moment. It’s definitely going to work in your favor, though. You’re just letting the creative juices stew, so your project or essay will be one of the best in class. You have a golden window for some of your best work.


Well aren’t you being quite the social butterfly! Venus is aligned with your sign, and it’s filling your aura with love that you need to give out to the people around you. You’re going to make a very positive impression on someone you admire. Use your powers for good, and chat with someone who needs a little light in their day.


Your comprehension and memory is sharp as a knife in the upcoming days. School work will get easier. If you’re overwhelmed with your thoughts, take a walk outside and write down what’s in your head, because you have a lot of interesting stuff brewing in your brain.


Do not spend any money you earn this week. Keep it hidden, because you will find something you can’t resist having in the upcoming cycle. You will have to comfort a friend and help them with something important soon, so keep an eye out for them.


You may have a bout of bad luck this week, but it will be ok. Your memory will greatly improve and school will become much easier. Just make sure you don’t lose your homework!


You will gain a new and valuable friend soon. Remember to tend to yourself this upcoming cycle though, because stress will surround you at every turn. Breathe.


You’re going to overthink things a lot in the weeks to come. Please do yourself a favor and take a deep breath! Listen to some soothing noises and remember to take time out of your day for yourself.


Creativity is swirling around you. Take advantage of this and create something new- be that art, music, or anything else! It would be a shame to waste your unique mind.


Your creativity this month is also soaring as of late, Pisces! Don’t daydream too much in class though. Your thoughts will benefit you soon, but remember to put a leash on them.