Chelsea Soccer Falls to Adrian in Hard-Fought Game

Ella Ashe, Sports Beat Writer

As Adrian and Chelsea warmed up before their district game, the bleachers were filled to the brim; parents lined the sidewalk and students filled their section. Younger Chelsea teams from U-10 came to watch their soccer idols play in the districts, and their enthusiasm and excitement continued throughout the game, pumping up the players. The sunny skies, light wind, and perfect temperature made for near-perfect soccer weather. When Chelsea and Adrian went head to head a couple weeks back, Adrian beet Chelsea. Adrian soon came to find that they would have to work hard to defeat the Bulldogs this time around. Unfortunately for Chelsea, Adrian was able to pull it off, winning 2-1. This was a high stakes game for both Chelsea and Adrian; the winner would advance to regionals, and both teams were determined to do so.

The game kicked off with great defense by Chelsea’s left back Aaron Zivsak and left center back Zach Barhite, which kept Adrian in their half. An unintended foul by Barhite gave Adrian a free kick, but Chelsea defense was able to prevent any shots on goal. Chelsea’s Josh Kowalski and Nathan Quintana’s great use of diagonal passing through the full length of the field lead to Chelsea’s only goal, made by Kowalski. Quintana’s hard work on both defense and offense almost lead to another goal by Chelsea, but Adrian’s defense wasn’t giving in. Right Center back, Cannon Barney for Chelsea, fouled an Adrian player, giving them a free kick. Despite his valiant effort, goalie Logan Mahalak was unable to block the goal, giving Adrian their first goal. There were many shots on goal for Chelsea, but they were unable to place any in the back of the net. Aaron Zivsak fouled #18 for Adrian, which lead to a free kick for Adrian that was almost a goal, but goalie Logan Mahalak saved it and cleared the ball to Chelsea offense. Right back Zach Cooley fouled an Adrian player, giving them yet another penalty kick, leading to another Adrian goal with 5 minutes left in the first half. Chelsea’s numerous fouls gave Adrain a huge advantage in scoring, which determined the outcome of the game.

The second half began with great passing plays and tough defense by Chelsea. Mahalak swiftly saved another goal, and Chelsea defense gave lots of pressure, preventing Adrian from scoring again. Both teams were close to goals, but their defense was also strong, making it difficult for either team to score. Great plays by Kowalski drove Chelsea closer to the goal multiple times, but Adrian was able to clear it. Great saves by Mahalak throughout the half kept Adrian from scoring, but Chelsea fouls didn’t help. A great attack by striker Chris White, Noah French, and Jacob Schultz lead Chelsea to a corner kick, which they almost turned into a goal, but Adrian’s defense was able to head it out. Chelsea fiercely came right back in the box, shooting for the goal, but were unable to make it. Chelsea had lots of shots on goal from multiple players, but their efforts couldn’t overpower that of Adrian’s defense. Both teams were determined to score once more. Chelsea was pushing hard to score to tie the game with just seconds left, but they were unable to do it, concluding the game with an Adrian win.

Despite Chelsea’s losses, the team showed great improvement from the beginning of the season, which should make them proud. As Chelsea’s Coach, Bill Loveday, said, “As long as you play hard with heart and soul with your teammates, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. What matters is how far you’ve come.” Chelsea’s Adrian will advance to regionals on Thursday.