Homecoming for Her

Surviving in a Sexist World

Homecoming for Her

Serena Adams, Opinion Editor

In a world that has always been sexist, we often fail to notice when women and men are treated differently because it has always been that way. Inequality is a common occurrence.

Homecoming is not an exception. As women, we are expected to spend a fortune on a new dress for each dance because “won’t people know that I wore the same dress last time? I have to get a new one. That’s so embarrassing.” Oh, and nails? “EVERYONE gets their nails done for the dance. And I can’t go with my normal face, so I need $100 worth of makeup too! Can’t forget the jewelry, and the hair, and the shaving, and the shoes, and the meal beforehand…” But somehow, boys can wear the same dress shirt, dress pants, shoes and tie for every dance and every ceremony and even events that occur after they graduate. It’s practical.

But somehow, women were assigned the “high maintenance” stereotype that is ever present in society today. Perhaps because men forced it upon us, never letting our bare faces shine through layers of makeup, and never allowing the sight of a prickly hair coming from our leg, shin, toe, armpit, etc. Perhaps it was because we forced it upon ourselves when we felt the need to fit in, to be beautiful, to conform as humans naturally do. But wait! In ten years, will it really matter? That is just one question we must ask.

Another, why are we, as a culture, a group, a society, like this? Why does everything have to be new or shiny or expensive? There goes $300 that could have possibly contributed to my college education. It’s all pointless. So I challenge you, to wear the same dress, to not shave your legs, to do your hair and not give it a second thought because women were not put on earth to please men or anyone other than themselves.