CHS HOMECOMING 2017: Spirit Week & Pep Rally Info


This photo was taken pre-COVID-19.

Andreea Bodea, News Editor

Behold! The 2017 Homecoming season is upon us! The theme of this year’s dance is Haunted House! There are many events that go into this exciting week that are experienced not only by the students, but by the whole community of Chelsea. None of these events would be possible without the the work done by the Chelsea High School student council, which is extremely appreciated. As we get closer to our favorite festivities of Spirit Week, here is all the information you need to know.

Spirit Week

Monday: PJ day

Tuesday: Jersey Day

Wednesday: Costume Day

-Freshmen: Ghosts

-Sophomores: Mummies

-Juniors: Vampires

-Seniors: Devils

Thursday: Socks and Sandals

Friday: Blue and Gold Day


Pep Rally Games

This week would not be completed without a pep rally, which is scheduled to take place on Friday at the end of the school day, as usual. Each year the competitive nature of the different classes seems more pronounced, as everyone wants to win in the ultimate showdown of grade superiority. Be prepared to fight for the title of best class!

Timed Doughnuts: Representatives from each grade will attempt to eat doughnuts dangling from strings in the shortest amount of time possible.

“Ghost Busters” Tag: A representative from each grade will be dressed up as a ghost and the contestants will have to try and “ghost bust” ghosts by chasing them down!

Dodge Ball: A couple of members from each grade will compete against each while trying to dodge all the balls coming his/her way.

*If time allows, there will also be an apple bobbing competition between the other activities.