Freshman High School Survival Guide


Bennett Proegler

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Rose LaForest, Bleu Print Staff

When you think about Chelsea High School, you young freshman you, what comes to mind? Is it the exciting new experiences you will have? Is it the stress of being in a new school, or not knowing how everything works yet? By now you have hopefully figured out that high school isn’t as scary as you thought. However, if you think you know everything about Chelsea High, or high school in general, then think again. There are a few unspoken rules that are in place that, in the long run, you will understand and be thankful for.

First, let’s start with one of the basics: hallway etiquette. Do not scream in the hallways! Look way back in your memories, go all the way to kindergarten, and find your “inside voice.” Then use it. Now, this next one should be an obvious one, but stay on the right side of the hallway and keep moving. This being said, if you drop all of your books and binders, of course take the time to gather your belongs. However, if you drop a pencil, do not pick it up. There are bigger fish to fry than trying to locate your favorite mechanical pencil. Not only so, but if you do need to turn around and can’t even figure out how to make a simple u-turn in a hallway, then thank the lord you aren’t old enough to drive.

Not only are certain preliminary rules a convenient way to simply get through high school, there are particular things that allow for everyone to have a good time. A good way to be a great freshman and to not frustrate upperclassmen is to know your place — literally speaking. Many upperclassmen tend to complain when it comes to how freshmen handle dances and football games. Each class has its own area; at football games, seniors are in the front rows of the bleachers, juniors are right behind, sophomores are next, and then, in the back, are freshmen. Just know, freshmen, you will have your time. Seniors have earned it — they’ve done all of the years of high school and are looking forward to all of these perks, perks will which one day be yours, don’t you fret. This placement rule also applies to dances. Seniors are in the front, meaning the middle of the circle, and freshmen are on the outside of the circle. Believe me, if you are a human being with eyes you will be glad to follow this rule; the things you see…well, let’s just say that being a freshman, you are too young to see such things. Also, here is a little life hack — don’t get to the dances early or when it is just starting. No one will be there, and it is beyond awkward.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, on the list to surviving high school: just remember that you do not know everything. Your teachers at Chelsea High are your teachers for a reason. It will benefit you to listen to them and be respectful. Do not be the kid who argues with whatever your educator says, or makes snide or rude comments behind his or her back. Teachers have to deal with you and your classmates, and that’s simply not an easy job. Allow them to help you and others, and really get the best out of the experience they are providing you with.

So as you can see, these rules to high school are not that scary. When you’re an upperclassmen you will be glad that these obnoxious and somewhat demeaning rules are in place. After all, everyone was a freshman who obeyed these rules at some point. Not only so, but if you don’t actually do them, no one really cares that much. In all honesty, upperclassmen will get annoyed for about five seconds and then move on with their lives — as they should; if they do not, you are not the problem. Even if you do something stupid or embarrassing, whether it is in front of a teacher or someone older, just know that every single person in high school is embarrassed. The sooner you don’t care and just move on, the better life at CHS will be for you. Plus, at least you’re not in middle school anymore. I don’t know one person who looks back at middle school and says they weren’t just embarrassed to be a human person in front of other human people. Be grateful.