Time To Get Serious: Spring Sports Are Rounding the Corner


Mya Purdy ‘23 at Chelsea’s home field, ready for the ball to come

Playing a spring sport can be both difficult and fun, just like any other sport. However, the main difference in spring sports resides in pre-season prep time, where the conditions of a Michigan winter often make it difficult to get motivated to train. Despite the conditions, senior softball player Mya Purdy is never discouraged and pushes herself to prepare for her season. 

There are many different ways to prepare for spring sports. Purdy chooses to try and get her head in the game before her season begins. 

“I mainly prepare by getting my head in the right place,” Purdy said. 

When only playing a spring sport, it can be challenging to get back into a routine. However, most of Purdy’s training consists of lifting, conditioning, and skill drills during the off-season which makes her a stronger player.  

“I lift everyday, condition a couple days a week, and work on different skills almost daily,” Purdy said. 

For many sports, there is usually a conditioning program through the school that helps seasonal athletes to prepare. As a softball player, Purdy has optional conditioning twice a week before the spring season.

“I say ‘optional’ because it is a choice that you get to make but there is a lot of outside pressure that [pushes you] to go,” Purdy said. 

Purdy has had a lot of experience with playing a spring sport and knows how hard it can be to keep practice on the back burner with things like homework, friends, and family on your mind. 

“[I practice] five days a week with games mixed in,” Purdy said. “[The trick is to] make sure to work on your time management skills and try not to procrastinate.” 

Prepping in the off-season and getting into a routine is important. Creating a schedule with as little procrastination as possible helps create a more manageable balance between student and athlete. Learning to handle this time management before your sport starts is a part of the training, as it’s hard to maintain it once it begins. 

While there’s a lot of excitement that comes with spring sports starting soon, athletes can’t look past the required efforts and preparation that go into pre-season.