The Bleu Print

2019-2020 Staff

Isabella Treglia

Isabella is junior at CHS. She’s on the swim team and she plays water polo. In her free time, she enjoys baking and spending time with friends and family.

Green Eva Patton Scott

This is Green's first time working with the Bleu Print. She enjoys going out with friends, napping, and listening to music in her free time.

Fayth Fraiser

Fayth is a senior who is looking forward to life after high school. She enjoys swimming and playing water polo for Chelsea. She is a part of the Bleu Print’s feature team.

Corynne Daniel

Corynne is a sophomore who is passionate about literally everything, which often gets her into trouble. She is always ready to work and covered in dog hair.

Madison Burlett

Madison is a senior and a department editor. Outside of writing for the Bleu Print, Madison enjoys riding horses and hanging out with family and friends.

Kendall Spink

Kendall is a junior and this is her second year on Bleu Print. She is a yearbook editor, loves baking and photography. After being stuck in quarantine she will take any opportunity to leave her house, hang out with friends, and...

Mikinley Carpenter

Mikinley is a sophomore. Outside of school she is usually at dance class, but in her free time she loves to relax under a warm heated-blanket and watch movies with her family. This is Mikinley's first time on the Bleu Print staff....

Khai Gibbons

Khai is a fun, kind, helpful and compassionate person who likes to contribute to the community. He likes to listen to a lot of his favorite K-Pop songs on Spotify during work. He is in Theatre Guild and is a Co. C wannabe. He...

Chris White

Chris White is a sportswriter for Bleu Print. When not performing journalism, he enjoys playing soccer, mountain biking, and listening to music.

Rachel Geer

Rachel thinks water polo is very fun. Don’t tell her horses that she has a favorite. She loves singing and being with her family and friends.

Olivia Beauchamp

This is Olivia’s first year writing for the Bleu Print. She enjoys skiing, hanging out with friends, and playing with her dog. Her favorite shows are The Office and The Good Place. In her down time, she likes to read and and ...

Eli Kevari

Eli is a sophomore from New York, New York! He enjoys long walks on the beach, writing in his free time, and candle lit dinners. Give him a chance and he will run with your heart!

Yui Furumi

Yui is a junior and a foreign exchange student from Tokyo. She is a member of Chelsea Field Hockey. She loves her teammates and playing field hockey with them. She loves skiing, playing the piano, and studying, as well.

Abitha Baskar

Abitha is an exchange student from India and a senior. She really loves to make friends. You can always see a smile on her face and she needs everyone to be happy around her.

Sarah Gilbreath

Sarah enjoys writing occasionally for the Bleu Print and, above all, working on the yearbook. She enjoys photography, mountain biking, and stand-up comedy and strives to someday live in a van down by the river.

Trevor Ackley

Trevor Ackley is a senior who enjoys programming. Outside of the paper, his hobbies include Robotics Club and video games.

Sierra Suntheimer

Sierra is a freshman who spends her free time playing volleyball and sleeping.

Yushi Wang

Yushi is an exchange student who loves traveling and speaks multiple languages.

Riley McGuffin

This will be Riley’s first time working with the Bleu Print. She is one of the PR people and controls social media for the program. She enjoys playing volleyball and hanging out with friends.

Isabella Treglia

Isabella is currently a sophomore at Chelsea High School, and this is her second year on the Bleu Print. She is on the swim and water polo team. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Keller Johnson

Keller is a senior, and this is her first year on the Bleu Print staff. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family.

Natalie Davies

Natalie Davies is a senior at Chelsea High School. This is her third year with the Bleu Print. Outside of writing and editing, she enjoys running, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Josh Champagne

Here we go again. Josh Champagne is back at it this year writing more articles for the Bleu Print. Josh loves to write and tell stories as well as talk with the community about issues going on around school. He believes in supporting...

Matty Rosentreter

Matty's the “Cool Editor” and has been with the paper since her freshman year. She’s a senior who is too funny for her own good and spends almost all her free time pursuing journalism and working on Bleu Print.

Ben Zivsak

Ben Zivsak is also known as the “Cool Editor,” but not as cool as Matty of course. He has been with the paper since sophomore year and enjoys nature, photography, writing, and editing the many articles of the Bleu Print....

Natalie Davies

Natalie Davies is a senior at Chelsea High School. This is her third year with the Bleu Print. Outside of writing and editing, she enjoys running, reading and spending time with family and friends.