Inside the Life of a Cheerleader


Smile! Nora Davies (‘24) and her teammates each share a smile as they get ready to compete.

Nora Davies (‘24) is someone who knows exactly what being a cheerleader means. Despite how cheerleaders are portrayed in everyday media, it’s not easy to practice every day after school and find that balance between a social life, a sport, and school.


“Well, I balance it by always making sure that I turn all my assignments in on time and I always put my mental health before my sport,” Davies said.

Before becoming a cheerleader, Davies played a couple of other sports but once she started cheering, she understood that it was the sport for her.

“I originally joined the cheer team because my fellow teammate Laney Kovik asked me to go to the meeting with her,” Davies said. “Then after joining, I realized that I liked it better than all my other sports, [mainly] because I’ve always been interested in gymnastics, and cheer was a combination of gymnastics and dance.” 

After five long years of cheerleading, Davies has created a strong relationship with her teammates and built a successful cheer career.

“We have a pretty good relationship,” Davies said. “The relationship within our class, the people that are in my grade, is really good, and we’re all very close to each other.”

This strong and growing bond the team shares helps make the sport even more enjoyable and helps make the team successful. 

“As a whole, I think that we’re starting to get to know each other better because of how much time we spend together,” Davies said.