Small but Mighty: CHS Ski Team


Makayla Collins (‘22) is the only member from Chelsea High School on the combined ski team with students from CHS and Saline High School.

“Last year we had four people from Chelsea including me on the team but two of them didn’t do it this year,” Collins said.

Collins has been skiing since she was three years old but has only been on the ski team for three.

“I joined the team because my sister did it, and my family really enjoys skiing,” Collins said. “I stopped skiing for a while because when I was a freshman, winter was really cold that year so I didn’t join the team. [However], I missed skiing so I’m glad I joined it my sophomore year because now it allows me to ski every day.”

Collins has enjoyed being a part of the ski team greatly, it has allowed her to make many new friendships and improve her skiing ability.

“I look forward to seeing my friends from Saline and getting to know new faces like our new coach,” Collins said.

Collins hopes that others will join the team in the following years to continue on the legacy that Caden Faupel (’21) created before he left.

“The season is pretty short but I want to improve my skiing skills because you can always improve no matter how good you think you are,” Collins said.