Ballet Chelsea Performs the Nutcracker


Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker is a crowd favorite all over the world. Ballet Chelsea, the town’s dance school, located on Main St, will be performing the whimsical ballet Saturday, December 11th, and Sunday, December 12th. 

Honey Creek Community (HCCS) 6th grader Ezra Farmer will be dancing for the 1st time in Chelsea’s 24th annual production. He is new to the experience but said that “it is actually really cool” and encourages people to enjoy the performance. The dance company is collaborating with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra to bring the magical story to life, with 90 cast members and live music.

HCCS 8th grader Anya Montalva, playing main character Marie’s friend in the Saturday show, is very excited to get back into it because she hasn’t performed in a few years due to Covid.

Montalva said that Ballet Chelsea usually has a few shows at the Jackson Potter Center, and some in the CHS auditorium, but because of Covid they weren’t able to perform in Chelsea.

For those who are interested in supporting the local performers and fellow students from CHS who are in the performance, this year’s show times are 2 & 7 pm on Saturday, December 11th, and 7 pm on Sunday, December 12th. Come to Jackson’s George E. Potter Center to witness this spectacular holiday exhibit. Ticket prices range from 15 to 30 dollars, but past audience members say it is worth the price.

Come join Chelsea’s very own dance company Ballet Chelsea in this wonderful rendition of a classic Christmas tale.