Plans for New Weight Room Renovations


New renovations are being planned for the CHS weight room. The school is planning on putting in all new floors and bleachers and adding new equipment. 

The new weight room design is going to be able to hold more people than the original weight room currently holds.

“One class of kids will be able to fit on 4 racks in the new weight room,” advanced fitness teacher Adam Taylor said. “We will be able to fit twice the amount of students in the new weight room and we will have a bigger class to teach at once.”

As of right now there is no natural light going into the weight room. The plan is to add windows and put brighter lights in, along with two TVs to help show workouts and lessons.

“We will be adding more windows in the gym and the weight room,” Taylor explained. “ The windows being put in will help a lot with being able to see in the weight room. We will also be adding 75” TVs for announcements and to show lessons for the day.”

They will be putting new floors in for the track, double doors to open into the new gym and they will be painting black or gray for the ceiling to have LED lights to make the rooms brighter. The gym will be closed in the summer for the additions.