The Fall Musical: Here We Go Again!


Hannah Shooshanian , Bleu Print Staff

This year’s musical put on by the CHS Theatre Guild is Mamma Mia! After the spring auditions last year and many summer practices, the Guild is practicing nonstop in order to be ready to perform the musical in November. They are currently focusing on choreography and music, along with behind-the-scenes work. 

“Make-up is actually pretty easy for this show, but the costumes are harder,” Make-up Department Head and costume designer Emily Rosolowski (‘20) said. “It takes place in the 90s and a lot of the clothes people bring into us are very modern and not what we’re looking for. But, because of the specific looks for the characters, I’m doing things like adding ruffles to jeans, so it’s a very fun look to make.”

While there have been difficulties during the show, including several actors quitting and the challenge of losing their senior cast from last year, Rosolowski is confident in the show’s performance.

“I’m most excited for it to all come together and for us to realize we have a real show.”