Co. C Flourishes Under New Advisory

Co. C Flourishes Under New Advisory

Emily Rosolowski, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Company C has undergone many changes this year with new advisers Mr. Alex Stacy and Ms. Katie Falk. The two of them are already working hard with auditions and planning the year.

“They will do great,” Co. C member Peggy Smith (‘21) said. “They are so on top of things with everything else that is going in their lives. Some of the veteran members will need to step-up, but I think they can handle it.”

The past members have already helped support newer members during auditions that took place on Thursday, Sep. 19th and Tuesday 24th. 

“Everyone one was super supportive and encouraging,” Melody Stone (‘22) said. “When someone found out you were auditioning, they were so excited and helped you not stress about the audition.”

While it was hard for some to come back to the group after Hinz left, Smith hopes that everyone keeps an open mind and joins to make music and have fun, which Company C is all about.

“I cried when Mr. Hinz left, because he built the group from the ground up, but if we looked at it as only doing it for Mr. Hinz, then we would be missing the whole point of Company C,” Smith said. “You won’t remember your free time in high school, you will remember dancing for three hours at night with your friends.”