Diversity Club Returns at Chelsea High School


Shawna Chester, Bleu Print Staff

The adviser of Chelsea High School’s Diversity Club, Mrs. Kurcz, is happy to announce the continuation of the club this year. Multiple clubs are led by an adult, however this particular club is led by a leadership group. These leaders decide the calendar and the upcoming topics. This student-run club allows high school students to discuss relevant issues like LGBT rights, police brutality, and poverty and its effects on education with their peers. This after-school activity provides a welcoming atmosphere, a place to safely speak your mind, and many angles and opinions on problems you may have never known existed.


Mrs. Kurcz is a very kind person, who is described as “bubbly and really helpful for students that need it” by Maddie Rosentreter and “loving” by others. She is commonly known for teaching math subjects such as Geometry and, soon, Pre-calculus. Mrs. Kurcz says that the reason she advises Diversity Club is because she “[wants] to help people explore things” and has “a lot to learn about how kids feel.”


In previous years, Diversity Club has gone to forums, and Mrs. Kurcz plans to have another trip to a forum. In a diversity forum, a large open discussion takes place, and attendants can either join in or watch. The club went to get inspiration, which later sparked interest during Club discussions. Mr. Schilt, who went to the last forum, says it “brings together groups of students from other schools to have conversations about diversity.” Along with the forum trips, Mrs. Kurcz is going to have pizza and games at the meetings, and is hoping people come to join this experience.


“I think [Diversity Club] is something that everybody should join, because having those discussions and hearing those opinions is something that’s really important for everyone to be able to do and hear,” former participant, Maddie Rosentreter, says. Diversity Club may not be for everyone, but the skill of being able to have a civil debate and listen to other people’s ideas is a necessity in today’s society. A generation that can speak their mind while also hearing and civilly challenge that different opinion would benefit the world overall.