Homecoming: What’s Happening and Tips to Make It the Best

Homecoming week is here! Are you ready? There are lots of fun school events to look forward to this year.

School events and dates:

  • Powderpuff Football game at 7pm on Wednesday, Sep. 19
  • Chelsea Excellence Award voting period will close Sep. 21
  • Homecoming football game will be at 7pm on Friday, Sep. 21
  • Homecoming Parade is on Friday, Sep. 21 at 4:00pm
  • Homecoming Dance will be on Saturday, Sep. 22, from 8:30pm-10:30pm (Remember to arrive fashionably late!)

Get your school spirit on this week! This year’s Spirit Week will include:

Monday – Tourist day

Tuesday – USA day

Wednesday – Theme day

  9th grade – Sci-Fi

  10th grade – 80’s movie

  11th grade – Action

  12th grade – Horror

  Staff – Documentary  

Thursday – Country/Western

Friday – Blue and Gold Day

HoCo Survival Guide

  • First things first: for those who are new (especially freshmen), HoCo is slang for Homecoming.
  • There have also been lots of changes made this year to Homecoming traditions. For more details, check out Bleu Print’s article on the topic.
  • Girls, wearing knee length or above dresses is the most common for semi-formal dances, but long dresses are okay, too! Be yourself and make this your own Homecoming!
  • Strapless dresses are also okay, but I don’t recommend a jacket if you plan to dance!
  • Follow the normal school dress code, to make it all run a little smoother.
  • Guys, whatever you wear, be it a tuxedo or a button up shirt, is just fine! Just no jeans and t-shirts. Remember, semi-formal.
  • To be accepted into the dance, bring your school ID and $5. You can still go if you don’t have your ID, but it takes a little longer, and you’ll want to go straight in.
  • Guest forms are in the office, so if you plan on bringing a student from another school, remember to grab one.