Student Spotlight: Natalie Davies, A Girl Who Wants the Most Out of CHS


Bella Andreski, Bleu Print Staff

You may see her as a friendly, smiling face in the hallway or as the girl who held the door open for you. She is the kind of school kid that invites others over to her lunch table when they’re sitting alone. Although she is extremely caring and kind hearted, not many people are aware of who exactly Natalie Davies is.


For those who may not know Natalie Davies, she is a sporty sophomore and language enthusiast. Despite already participating in softball, basketball, and cross country, she is still considering joining yet another club. Natalie says, “I want to try and be involved in as many things as I can. I want to make my years count and look back on them without regrets.” She tries to push others to try new things and get the most out of their high school experience.

Along with the many sports and extracurriculars she is apart of, a huge part of who she is is her will to live with no regrets, which extends even to the classroom. By taking an AP class and Spanish 3 in just her sophomore year, she has set herself up for quite the academic challenge. Not only is she extremely devoted to learning the Spanish language, she is also working on learning Vietnamese in her free time. She passionately ranted, “Language makes us different from all the other species on earth. It allows us to communicate. When you communicate with someone, you make connections. You can learn so much about yourself through learning about other people.” She went on to explain how privileged we are to have access to technology and go to a school that encourages cultural exploration. “Why would I not at least try to take advantage of it?” she said.

There is so much to know about Natalie Davies, and this goes for many other CHS students. School is just one part of someone’s life, and you don’t always get the opportunity to know what a person is like outside of high school. So don’t be afraid to reach out, ask a meaningful question and get to know another student who walks amongst you. Sometimes all you have to do is say hello.