Student Council Executive Elections


Listed below is a preview of the candidates for the Student Council Executive Elections; these positions include spaces on both Cabinet–the highest level of Student Council–as well as any student running for a class presidency. The platform of any candidate who could not be reached for comment is listed under his/her name.


Cabinet President:

Why are you running for student council?

Drew Vanderspool: “I have been on Student Council for three years, including two years as Class President and one year as Cabinet Officer. I am running for Cabinet President because in those three years I have learned what needs to happen to make Student Council successful, and I want to be a part of doing that. I am passionate about CHS, and want to do all I can to make it better.”

What thoughts will you make to the school if elected?

Drew Vanderspool: “ I want to integrate Student Council back into the Student Body by doing several things: creating a new website where students can get information on what we’re doing and can suggest new ideas, reaching out to students in polls to decide things like Homecoming and Winter Carnival things, and keeping the student council board updated.”

How are you campaigning?

Drew Vanderspool: “I am running my campaign with my good friend Jack Conlin (who is running for Cabinet Vice President). Together, we have created a website (, a Twitter (@VanderCon18), and various posters throughout the school, including my original poster from 8th grade. We also have stickers.”


Cabinet Vice President:

What do you think about the campaigns this year?

Jacqueline Taylor: “ I absolutely love seeing everyone’s campaigning posters and ideas be shared all around the high school, however, I do believe that at times the campaigning process is taken to an extreme can take away from the value of the position being ran for as well as the quality of the candidate selection. All in though I think it’s a creative way for students to get their voices heard and show their innermost personality.”

Do you think you’ve run effectively?

Jacqueline Taylor: “I’ve made some posters for the campaign, but this year I didn’t really do anything special or extra!”

Fun Fact

Jacqueline Taylor: “I enjoy palm reading and learning about the art of palmistry.”


Jack Conlin: “I will rely on the people I work with everyday, whether it be in the classroom, on stage or in the weight room, to make decisions that will help all of my peers have the best high school experience possible. I am the best candidate for this position because I have a complete and thorough understanding of what makes our community so great and am willing to work as hard as I can to continue our tradition of excellence.”


Cabinet Secretary:

Why are you running for student council?

Sophie Sjogren: “I believe people in leadership positions such as this should be kind and welcoming and easy to talk to while also staying organized which led me to wanting to take on the challenge of representing my school in a way where they believe I take on these qualities. I want to make a difference in my school and bring smiles to people’s faces because everyone deserves a little more happiness in their day.”

Payton Doan: “I’m running for Cabinet Secretary because I’ve been passionate about student leadership through Student Council since freshman year as Vice President. I believe it is our job to represent the student body and be the voice of change when collaborating with administration.”

Mallery Bee: “I wanted to run for Cabinet Secretary because I think it’s a great opportunity to make a difference in this school. I think that I’m very organized and I love to take notes, and watching our current Secretary, Emily, work made me very interested in the responsibilities of the job.”

What are your thoughts on current seniors voting for positions?

Sophie Sjogren: “This may sound kind of silly, but I imagine sermikrs as seniors citizens who have had a lot of experience and have collected plenty of wisdom. Despite the fact of them leaving soon,seniors still deserve a strong voice in the election because they’ve grown up in this high school the past couple of years and they are familiar with the candidates and they offer diverse perspectives that may not be found with majority votes coming from the underclassman. So I believe it’s great they seniors are voting.”

Payton Doan: “I think that they have just as much of a right to vote as the underclassmen, and it’s an opportunity for them to have a lasting impact on the school after they graduate.”

Mallery Bee: “I think that it’s a good idea for seniors to vote in the election. Most of them have been at this school for four years and it’s a great opportunity for them to leave a legacy for the future of the school.”

Fun Fact  

Payton Doan: “I can tie a cherry stem in a knot in my mouth in 6 seconds!”

Sophie Sjogren: “I’m terrified of deer for some reason. Especially after watching The Ritual and I’m always afraid that I’m going to see on in the woods and it’s gonna start walking over to me and bite my finger off or something!”

Mallery Bee: “I love walking outside with my friends or little brother. My favorite TV shows are Parks & Rec and The Office.”


Cabinet Treasurer:

Why are you running for treasurer?

Madilynn O’Hara: “I decided to run for treasurer specifically because I’ve been treasurer of my class for the past three years and have experience in managing student council funds, so I believe the transition from class treasurer to cabinet treasurer would be a smooth one. Being in class council for the past 3 years has been great, but I’m looking to help more than just my class and to instead help out the entire school, and being on cabinet will give me the platform to do that.”

Caitlin Dusenbury: “I’m running to see changes made at CHS. I really want to be a part of the driving force behind the student activities such as dances and pep rallies and I want to help fundraise for good causes! Last year we raised money for the St. Louis Center, and Jordan, Emma, and I just recently dropped off the check.”

What do you think about campaigns this year?

Madilynn O’Hara: “I think this new election process has been for the best. I like being able to hang up posters where I want to and with bright colors and glitter, when in previous years we haven’t been able to. I think that the posters make our school look fun and excite the students for student council.”

Caitlin Dusenbury: “Campaigning always makes me nervous because I fear that I didn’t get my name out there enough. I’m a relatively quiet person but I think a lot of the work comes before campaigning such as getting you name out there by being involved or known for being kind.”

Fun Fact

Madilynn O’Hara: “I play the ukulele. I was recently elected president of theatre guild and have done every show since I joined theatre my freshman year. I’ve been to Japan as part of the exchange group in middle school. I love puns (particularly the terrible, unfunny ones).”


Niko Fannin: “You all have innovative ways we can better our school, but often no one will listen to them. I believe the personal connection I have with many of you will change that. If you vote me your cabinet treasurer, your voice will be heard.”

Remy Sturt: “My effective communication skills have contributed to my successes in leadership as both a member of the Chelsea High School Student Council for 3 years and other positions requiring influence. I believe these skills will continue to serve me well if I am elected to the position of Cabinet Treasurer. A skill set including accurate and productive communication will ease the completion of this role’s various responsibilities. As we work to close the gap between the needs and desires of the student body and the CHS Student Council, it is necessary that a Cabinet group consisting of progressive communicators such as myself are elected.”


Senior Class President:


Clara Dobos: “I have loved serving on council for the last three years, helping organize events ranging from the Homecoming Parade to Prom 2018. I want every voice in our class to be heard regarding our senior gift, senior quotes, etc. to make our final year memorable and celebrate our achievements at CHS. This leadership position is something I’ve been striving towards since I first joined council, and I hope you will let me keep working for our class by voting for me!”

Wes Wickens: “Being Senior Class president means I play a huge role in not only facilitating meetings with other members, but also making sure everyone is held accountable. Student council should be a place where real change occurs and ideas are brought to life.”    


Junior Class President:


Thea Higgins: “From being on Student Council for the past 2 years, I’ve learned many useful leadership skills. These skills include organization, communication, and unification of a group. I’m confident that I have a strong grasp on all of these qualities and if I am elected Junior Class President, I will be given an opportunity to better my skills. Junior year may be the most important year of high school, because of prom and getting closer to graduating, and who is better to lead you through it than someone who is qualified and experienced, such as myself. Through my leadership skills and knowledge of Student Council, I believe I have the ability to be an effective and successful Junior Class President.”


Sophomore Class President:

Do you think you’ve run an effective campaign?

Kate Vanderspool: “I believe that I have ran an effective campaign, but it is hard to know the true outcome until the real results are revealed after voting.”

What changes will you make to the school–or student council–if elected?

Kate Vanderspool: “If elected, I hope to make a positive impact on the school and my class. I would like to be able to hear the opinions from many students, so that changes we make as a council can be beneficial to them.”

Fun Fact

Kate Vanderspool: “A fun fact about me is that I can wiggle my ears!”