Student Spotlight: Leila Woodward, An Artist Among Us

Student Spotlight: Leila Woodward, An Artist Among Us

Sirena Burgher , Bleu Print Staff

You may know her as a friend of a friend, but as an individual Leila Woodward is a really good person to get to know. She’s a strong and funny sophomore artist whose talents are wildly unrecognized in this school. The pictures of her work speak for themselves.



While Leila, as seen above, draws in a much more cartoonist style, she actually has experimented with a realistic style of artwork. According to her, “I’m not much if a realist. I could be, if I tried, but between being a realist and a cartoonist, I’m definitely a cartoonist.” She described how she prefers that style because it gives her more freedom with what she’s drawing. She likes to make things very over-exaggerated in her drawing, something she believes drawing in realistic form could limit her from.

But art isn’t Woodward’s only defining quality. She’s plays the piano beautifully, hates red meat and choker necklaces, and is an ‘80s music fanatic. She also attends a club every other Wednesday at a local art store because she’s so passionate about improving her skills. She’s funny, talented, and has one of the best senses of humor in this school–even if sometimes she cracks cheap puns. Even during a professional interview for Bleu Print, she asked, “What is the greatest wheel?” She didn’t even wait for a response before answering her own joke. “The fairest wheel.”

There are lots of really incredible things that are unique about Leila Woodward, from every story that she tells to every piece of art that she makes. She really is an interesting person, with lots of her own individuality, and is just one more person to add to the many great people that roam the halls underappreciated at Chelsea High School.