Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Lonnemo, A Caring Face at CHS


Leah Pifer , Bleu Print Staff

For most students here at Chelsea High School, the average day consists of going to school, getting assignments, meeting deadlines (or not, in some cases), and then going home. The constant, everyday shuffle between classrooms, clubs, and sports runs by smoothly, warranting little thought. But how do these things get done behind the scenes?  In truth, none of this would be possible without the unsung heroes who make up the staff here at Chelsea High School; heroes, like the kind and quick-witted Mrs. Lonnemo.

After growing up in Riverview, not far from Chelsea, Mrs. Lonnemo moved to Ann Arbor where she worked as a travel agent for Delta. She later moved to Chelsea because of our excellent schools and joined the staff here at Chelsea High School in 2011. She says that she loves Chelsea, and her favorite part of the city is “the people who live here,” as she believes “people in Chelsea really care and are extremely friendly.” This belief also carries over to reflect upon the student body here at Chelsea High School. She explains, “I love working with everyone in the school. I think that the students in Chelsea are an extremely fun crowd to be around,” going as far as to say that “the students here just bring a certain energy. I am so happy to have been able to get to know them all over the years.”

It is unmistakable that since she came to Chelsea High School, Mrs. Lonnemo has become an integral part of our school’s environment. Running on the fuel from her two favorite snacks, hot pickled peppers and popcorn, Mrs. Lonnemo does everything from managing attendance to coordinating faculties. However, some may know her better as one of the first faces they see when they walk into the main office. Mrs. Lonnemo can almost always be found at the front desk, ready with a warm smile on her face, an answer to your every question, and maybe even that freshly delivered Jimmy Johns you ordered, waiting for you under her caring protection. She is an extremely important part in helping Chelsea High School function so smoothly and a part of what makes it so great. Put simply, Mrs. Lonnemo is the face of Chelsea High School, and in all actuality, she is also a big part of its heart.

But aside from her role in our lives at school, Mrs. Lonnemo is also just a wonderful person and a great source of wisdom. She loves to spend time with her family, read, watch movies, and go out to eat at places like her favorite restaurant: Mani’s. She values honesty, commitment, a sense of humor (of course), and has learned many things in her lifetime. Of these things, the piece of wisdom Mrs. Lonnemo wants students to hear the most, is that tomorrow is another day. For many people in Chelsea High School, in our community, and even just around the world, this can be an extremely difficult yet important thing to understand. Sometimes things don’t work out, but taking a step back and changing your perspective can make even the emptiest of cups seem half full. As the eternal optimist, Mrs. Lonnemo wishes everyone could see that “things do always get better. Even on our darkest days, there is always going to be someone who cares about you to turn to,” and perhaps one of the most caring people of all is none other than Mrs. Lonnemo herself.