Humans of Chelsea High

A Bleu Print project in partnership with CHS Writing for Publication and Photography classes, Humans of CHS seeks to spotlight the voices and perspectives of Chelsea's students and staff members.

Emma Smith
Madison Adkins
Mr. Arons
Abby Shore
Sam Long
Trisha Bowman
Myranda Montoye
Noah Conti
Emily Chiczek
Emily Strzyzewski
Mrs. Johnson
Spencer Smith
Jared Hansen
Morgan Barber
Coach Blomquist
Joel Sitzler
Cassie Sutch
Ms. Krug
Dennis Strzyzewski
Mr. Pedlow
Ms. Minnick
Owen Smith
Mr. Swager
Mark Apostoleris
Thomas Manchester
Aislynn Sackett
Ms. Bremer
Ms. Hugg
Logan Mahalak
Ms. Sinacola
Gabie Grobsmith
Chase Woodward
Karly Nickel
Kepler Eberle
Nate Banotai
Charles Korner
Rachel Geer
Ms. Kurcz
Haley Romanowski
Mr. Rodriguez

Emma Loy

“I want to get rid of animal cruelty, like how animals are killed for only their body parts or others are only hunted for sport, and how dogs are starved and left to die alone and sad, and how farm animals are raised just to be killed when they reach a certain age. I believe this should all stop.”

Ms. Weber
Reece Doss
Olivia Blissick
Carolyn Pierce
Sabrina Sherwood
Ms. Bareis
Ms. Korn

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