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Erin Moffett: Teaching is More Than What We Know

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Live for Today
March 13, 2017

“It is really important to show that you care, whether it’s teaching or coaching. I think it’s important to build relationships and to let students know that you care about them as a student, but also as a individual, as a person.” When Erin Moffett was asked about what she thought was the most important thing to know about teaching, these were the first words she said. A new teacher at Chelsea High School, Ms. Moffett’s classroom is full of different University of Michigan themed objects and pictures of different regions of the world hung up on every wall. She catches the eyes of students who walk in and greets them with a caring glance. “I would say I’m very energetic, I’m trustworthy, and I’m also very caring” were the words Ms. Moffett used to describe herself. There’s a big mug of coffee that contains lots of cream and sugar, telling you something about the owner. The light color of the coffee represents the source of her surplus of energy.

As a student sitting in a classroom, I watch the different ways Ms. Moffett works with us. From taking notes, playing games that have to do with the subject at hand, working with others, and even working alone, she incorporates a variety of activities into her teaching strategies, which reveal more about her then you might realize. Every day she ends class by telling us “you matter” and “our opinions matter,” encouraging us to get us to speak out and stand up for what we believe in. She shows us that not only does she care about our education, but also about us as individuals. She wasn’t forced into this career path, but she choose it. Not only because she enjoys watching us grow, but also because she cares about our future; she cares about us.

In It For The Outcome

“I don’t really have a lot of free time.” When I asked what Ms. Moffett enjoyed doing during her free time, this was her reply. When she uttered these words, she wasn’t sad or upset, she was smiling and laughing about it. For her, her work isn’t something she dreads doing everyday. Instead, it’s something that allows her to she go home and turn the next day’s lesson into something great.

Teachers are everywhere, and they all have different ways of showing us how much they care, whether that’s through pushing us further or just putting a lot of effort into their material for the day. There is more to teaching then just getting your students to remember what you teach them. They care if we are safe, if we are in good hands at home, and even if we are just feeling okay.

I fell in love being around students and being around younger kids. Helping shape their future was something that really appealed to me.”

— Erin Moffett

After interviewing Erin Moffett, I realized a couple of things. Firstly, teachers do what they do because they love it. There is more to teaching then reading off a PowerPoint. Additionally, teachers care about each and every one of their students. “I did cadet teaching my senior year of high school and I loved it. I fell in love being around students and being around younger kids. Helping shape their future was something that really appealed to me.” Watching the smile grow on Ms. Moffetts face as she said those words made it very clear. She– and all teachers– aren’t forced to do what they do; they do it because they truly love it.

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Erin Moffett: Teaching is More Than What We Know